Say hi to Menachem, our flocks resident whether. Yes, that’s his handsome mug in the photo above.

What’s a whether, you ask? Well, once upon a time, it was decided Menachem would not reproduce. The end. While rams possess full reproductive capability and are relied upon to grow the flock, whethers are tasked with keeping rams company while they’re kept separate from the ewes (lady sheep). With a whether by his side, our ram, Mendel, doesn’t have to concern himself with maintaining his dominance. Menachem, as you can perhaps imagine,  keeps it simple, preferring to chew the cud and cuddle, rather than vying for status as the number one. Which can be exhausting and let’s face it, incredibly unfulfilling.

Menachem’s an easy-going fella. He loves grass, pooping, and play-time with his sisters, Mish-Mish and Aviv (also pictured). You probably noticed the netting. That keeps them where we need them, on pasture, eating, fertilizing. We rotate them (five total) throughout the pasture, keeping the grasses in a healthy state of growth so we have delicious pasture for our ruminant friends all season long (saves us a whole lot of money, and does a heck of a job enriching the soil).

Much of our focus on the farm is on pasture revitalization. Our goal is to have our livestock 100% grass-fed and finished, that means no manufactured feeds or supplements. We’ve got at least another year before we can realize our grass-fed goals, but we’re doing are darndest to get us there ASAP.

In the meantime, ya’ll tag along on our blog for updates, photos, videos and songs as we keep on keepin’ on, to green pastures and beyond.



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