Celebrate With Cherry Pie

We’re celebrating our union with cherry pie. Me and all of 150 chicks. We did it. I built it and they came! They’re chirping softly now, a magical sound, almost faerie-like. It is a dream to sit beside their brooder, listening to their darling chirps as they huddle in together under the red glow of their 250 watt heat lamp.

My world has expanded to now include one-hundred and fifty chickens. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier, or felt more at peace than listening to the contented chirps of cozy chicks in the wee small hours of the morning. Their existence is a joy. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to start working with them out in the pasture. I foresee many adventures. Stay posted for details.

While building a shed for the sheep I reached to the toolbox for a tape-measure, only to find I’d left it someplace or another. How was I going to find the precise center of the pole if I had no tool for measurement? For a moment I believed I would have to go on, get up and walk back to the house for the tape-measure.

But then I had a happy thought.

I rested the pole on my finger and wobbled it around some until I got it to balance evenly. Walla, the center, precisely!

There’s still so many animals to introduce ya’ll to. You’ve met one of five sheep, remember? Meeeeeeee-nachem. We’ve also got Mendel, Aviv, Mish-Mish, and Laura (pronounced with that Spanish twist, -ou not -au). Then there’s Ove, ourguardian dog (pronounced Ooveh, inspired by the title of the novel, A Man Called Ove), and Bruiser.

Bruiser the Pomeranian (featured image), or Pomeralien as known to some (https://vimeo.com/219598316), has been with me since the beginning. We came into each other’s lives through a previous relationship of mine. When things fell apart, he came with me. He’s something of a therapy dog. Our first year back in Columbia we spent much of our time at our local dog-friendly coffee shop. I met a lot of lovely people, and Bruiser warmed a lot of hearts. I actually saw tears come to one woman’s eyes when she saw him. Bruiser the Loser. I say that with love. But, anyway, he’s a fine fellow, and he’s having a bit of a rough go as of late. Separation anxiety, it seems. My presence in his life has been pretty inconsistent the past half a year, but I assure him I’m working toward stability. While Bruiser is a hero for just being himself one-hundred percent of the time, I have wished he could participate more actively in the farm. Well, by George if today we didn’t find him the perfect job! Bruiser’s in charge of keeping the chicks safe from curious cats. He did a perfect job – zero losses.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming week, including price listings for our first ever CSA egg-share program, exciting developments with our composting efforts, and more.

I’ll make sure to take my phone out with me and snap some pictures so I can introduce you to the rest of the family.

לילה טוב, Ya’ll.


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