2018 Winter Book Club

Join us for our first ever farm-sponsored book club! 10 copies of Wendel Berry’s The Unsettling of America have been generously donated by the book’s publisher, Counterpoint Press, and will be provided to participants at no charge. You can check out the book at: http://www.counterpointpress.com/dd-product/the-unsettling-of-america/

If you’re interested in exploring the social, cultural, and political origins and implications of our civilization’s broken food system, then you’ll appreciate this book. Here at The Kessler Miller Farm, our mission, along with providing sustainable and humanely raised food to our local community, is empowering individuals within that community to actively redefine it’s identity to reflect the specific, local values that have for too long been neglected and undermined by corporate interests and our delusional political system. We’re so looking forward to hearing your thoughts and perspectives!

There are 10 spaces available, claim yours now!

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