Curbside Compost

Get composting with The Kessler Miller Farm – support a sustainable future for your neighborhood and beyond!

How it works – Monday morning you’ll carry your compost bin out to the curb, loaded with last week’s produce scraps, to be collected and replaced with a fresh bin for the new week. The scraps you’ve collected will then be hauled off to the farm where they’ll be incorporated into compost heaps for our chicken flock to feast on, and which will, over the course of several weeks, be transformed into quality finished compost, available to you at no charge upon request.

Monthly membership is $8.00/month. We also charge a one time fee for the purchase of a food-grade five gallon bin (link below), and depending on how much produce you consume per week encourage you to consider purchasing a second. You are, however, more than welcome to provide your own bins, just make sure you’ve got your name and address written on them.




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