Our CSA Egg-Share

Welcome to The Kessler Miller Farm’s CSA Egg-Share – your source for 100% compost and forage fed chicken’s eggs.

What’s a CSA?  The CSA model, or Community Supported Agriculture, was developed in 1985, motivated by a desire to strengthen local economy and community ties through agriculture. The CSA involves both the consumer (shareholder) and farmer in the risk of farming, and in so operating invites a greater degree of involvement from the consumer, offering a unique opportunity to connect directly with food and farmer.

Along with receiving weekly shares of the farm’s harvest, CSA Subscribers are guaranteed full-transparency and a guarantee that their food is farmed to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and animal husbandry.

Our CSA Egg-Share: A 14 week share runs $84/share @ one dozen eggs/week. Payment is collected upfront to help cover the farm’s production costs. Shares are  available for pick up weekly at one of two locations in Richland County’s Sandwood neighborhood.  

Our Eggs: We offer all-natural, 100% compost and forage fueled, woods pastured eggs from our flock of Heritage breed Rhode Island Reds, Blue Andalusians, and Dominique hens. You can expect our eggs to range in color from deep browns to light creams to ivory whites.

Email us at thekesslermillerfarm@gmail.com to sign up

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